Dona Glória

Chef and Entrepreneur
Our history dates back to 1982, in the region of Trancoso, south of Bahia.
Maria da Glória Peruzzo Possa, affectionately called Dona Glória, opened a small pizzeria and kept it for 10 years.
In 1993, she relocated with her children and set up a larger pizzeria.
Dona Glória passed to her descendants the passion for cooking, the pleasure of doing well, with quality, honesty and responsibility.
In the year 2000 changed the pizzeria for a self-service restaurant, offering a wide variety of dishes and recipes prepared with selected ingredients, fresh spices and a lot of love in the preparation of each one of them.
Rabanete Restaurant
And this devotion went beyond borders and consolidated the business as one of the best restaurants in Bahia, later, setting up 2 other units, one in Arraial d'ajuda and another in Porto Seguro.
Rabanete Restaurant was born of this inspiration and dedication. Allied to this, the concern to offer also healthy and natural options, incorporating to the menu new recipes, new flavors and delights.
Rabanete Restaurant
Dona Glória - Rabanete Restaurant
Daily the restaurant offers a varied buffet with a specialty every day of the week, comprising of pastas and risottos, oriental cuisine, arabic, mineira, baiana, meats, fish, seafood, varied salads and amazing desserts.
All supervised by Dona Glória, whose dedication and entrepreneurship, have transformed the Rabanete Restaurant into a reference in the art of eating well, not only in the south of Bahia, but also in Brazil.